Having the flu is never fun, but did you know that dogs are also susceptible to flu-like viruses? 
Kennel cough is an air-borne virus that is highly contagious among dogs. It can be picked up by sharing water bowls, toys, or even sniffing other dogs. 
"Kennel cough manifests itself much like the flu in humans," said Karen Butler, owner of Dog Trix. "Symptoms can include coughing, sneezing, lethargy, and runny eyes."
The best preventative measure against kennel cough is vaccination. 
"Vaccination offers an extra layer of protection.... you can still get sick after being vaccinated but symptoms won't be as bad," said Butler. 
Getting your pets vaccinated also lowers the risk of secondary infections like pneumonia. 
Like most pet-oriented facilities, Dog Trix does not accept dogs who have not received proper vaccinations.


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