Three wandering little pigs are safely back home after setting out on a head-turning adventure last week.
Jodi Currie’s three children were heading down a rural road northeast of Gibbons last Tuesday evening (Sept. 25) when they caught sight of something slightly unexpected – a trio of small, spotted pigs huddled in a patch of dirt on the side of the road.
Concerned, Currie posted a photo of the out-of-place pigs to a community Facebook page.
“Anyone missing 3 little pigs? For real?” she asked.

Facebook users quickly figured out that the stray pigs probably belonged to Tony and Phyllis Wentworth, owners of a hobby farm not far from where Currie's children had come across the animals. As the word spread on social media, a few residents familiar with the area tried to round the pigs up.
The wary little pigs fled the rescue efforts.
After seeing the Facebook post Phyllis went outside to look for the roaming animals. Meanwhile her husband, Tony, got a call from a coworker letting him know his newly purchased pigs were on the loose.
Tony had brought the 10-pound piglets home only two days earlier. They had been squeezing out of their pen ever since, despite his efforts to shore it up.
“These guys are escape artists,” he said, adding that the pigs had always managed to find their way back on their own in time for lunch.
The Wentworth farm is home to alpacas, sheep, chickens and a number of cats and dogs, but the pigs were a special addition to the barnyard crew. Tony bought them to honour a request made by his son, Thomas Spinks, who was tragically killed in a vehicle collision last October.
A father of three young children, Spinks had been asking Tony to buy some pigs for the farm.
“He wanted to get a couple cows and pigs and stuff and just put them on our property. And I said, OK. But then we never did do it because he was too busy and I was too busy,” Tony said. “So finally I saw this person close by with three little pigs with different colours. So I thought 'that's cute,' because most of them are just pink. That's what I remember growing up. So I got these coloured ones."
Spinks’ children were the ones who came up with names for the piglets.
“I asked the kids what should we call them,” Tony explained. “And they said Bacon, Ham and Sausage.”
No need for alarm -- Bacon, Ham and Sausage are destined for pethood. Tony’s grandchildren, who live in Alberta for only part of the year, will be visiting with the animals when they come to the farm in the summer.
By late Tuesday, long after sunset, there was still no trace of the missing pigs. Tony spent the night searching, walking his property into the early hours of the morning after a neighbouring farm owner reported seeing the animals run back into the Wentworths’ field.
“There's quite a few places they can go, right? Little pigs can just disappear in the hay, and grass and stuff is pretty high, so you could never see them.”
Tony was worried, mainly about coyotes.
“I thought, 'Oh, something got them.'"
Tony figures the little pigs wandered about three kilometres total on their journey. It was just after 9 a.m. on Wednesday when he returned from his search to find them back in their shelter, snug in their bed.
"We were happy,” he said. “Because we didn't think that we were going to see them after. Everybody was telling us that they were too hard to catch.”
Tony, who’s done some work on the pen to stop any further break-outs, said the pigs are still a little nervous, but getting used to their new home, even starting to come to Phyllis’s side when she’s mixing their feed.
“They can't get out anymore. I know that," he said.
Phyllis shared the happy ending in a Wednesday morning Facebook post.
“Thank you to everyone who posted and tried to help. Bacon, Ham and Sausage are back home and now in maximum security. I hope. I love our community and I am thankful to be part of it.”

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