Wildfire smoke blowing in from B.C. continues to affect air quality in Fort Saskatchewan.
After hovering in the moderate risk category Wednesday (Aug. 8) and part of Thursday, the air quality health index reached the high risk level on Thursday afternoon.
“We're seeing some exceedances at all our stations across our network,” said Godfrey Huybregts, communications director at FAP.
FAP uses four categories when rating air-related health risk, from low risk to very high risk, and provides outdoor activity guidelines for each risk level.
During times of high risk air quality, FAP recommends that people in general consider limiting strenuous outdoor activities when they have symptoms such as coughing or throat irritation. At risk populations, including children and the elderly, are advised to reduce strenuous outdoor pursuits or reschedule them.
Environment Canada has issued a special air quality statement for the Fort Saskatchewan area.
“Stay inside if you have breathing difficulties,” the weather agency said in the statement. “Find an indoor place that's cool and ventilated. Using an air conditioner that cools and filters air may help. If you open the windows you may let in more polluted air. If your home isn't air-conditioned, consider going to a public place (library, shopping mall, recreation centre) that is air-conditioned.”
Fort Air Partnership (FAP) is forecasting a return to the moderate risk category for Friday.
Live data is available on the FAP website 24 hours a day.

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