Use caution around moose.
The giants can show up by a city road or in your backyard.
"It's never a good idea to get too close, but incidents of moose charging people or acting aggressive are rare," said Brendan Cox, spokesperson for Alberta Fish and Wildlife.
The animals can weigh an excess of 1000 pounds and are more aggressive in winter when hungry, tired of walking in deep snow or when harassed by people or dogs.
"We don't recommend trying to scare the moose off by yelling or throwing anything at them," stated Cox. "If you're charged by a moose we do recommend running away, try to find a car, tree, building or any obstacle that you can put between you and the moose."
People should give at least 50 feet of space or more and never force them into a corner or fenced off area.
"When you're out and about don't let your dog off the leash and make sure that your dog doesn't harass them. A natural predator for moose would be a wolf. It's possible that a moose could react to your dog the same way they would react to a predator," added Cox.
Moose can do serious damage, they have a top speed of over 50 km/h and can kick with their front hooves.

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