If you are looking for new books to read, Westpark's very own little library is open for business.
Janet Fisher has set up a Little Free Library on her own lawn.
Located on 46 Cranberry Bend, the idea behind a little library is that people take can take a book and leave one of their own books in return.
"I put it up about three weeks ago. It's gotten a lot of traffic. My neighbors and neighborhood as a whole are using it and apparently liking a lot because there is books coming and going everyday. It's been really fun," said Fisher. "It's free for anyone that wants to come by and just see what's in there."
She got the idea a few years ago from seeing Little Free Libraries in her travels. She herself had borrowed a book to read and thought it was a wonderful way to share books around.
"Otherwise, what do you do when you buy books and then you can't give them away? I thought it was a good way to share books and maybe entice people to read."
Fisher ordered the small house online from the Little Free Library Organization. The house came with its own charter number so that people can look her library up on their global map. The library was provided with about ten books and the rest came from Fisher's own collection, or from other residents donating to it. Since first being set up, the library has been self-sustainable.
"One night it was jammed full in the morning when I got up. I had to actually take some out and rearrange them because somebody had ‘book-bombed’ me as they call it in the Little Free Library world. It was great."
The house currently has between 20-30 books. Fisher has set the house up so that adult books are on the top shelf and children's books are on the bottom.
"The kid's books are the most popular. The kid's books come and go way faster than the adult's. I'm not sure if they are more curious or what it is."
Setting up the library only cost Fisher about $50. She painted the house herself and set it up in a night.
Fisher's is not the only library in town. Another little library is located in Red Canyon Way near Southfort.

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