Rural crime is always a hot topic in the area. 
With incidents being brought up at almost every other council meeting in Gibbons, criminal activity in and around small communities is proving to be a challenge. 
While some local RCMP detachments have almost a dozen communities to patrol, one other major concern was brought up by councillor Darren McCann. 
"The problem is we have rural crime that just happens over and over again," he said.
Recent instances of repeat offenders in the area include Kari Roang having his parole revoked in March (2018), Geordie Wilson being arrested three times since April (2018), James Moffat being caught multiple times and Kenneth McLean, who's "well-known" to police, being taken into custody for crimes in Sturgeon County and Redwater.
"It would be really nice to see if they had a three strike rule," McCann added. "Like the third time a person is arrested for these crimes, they actually do get a long-term in jail of several years instead of just a slap on the wrist and let go."
Aside from Roang, Wilson, Moffat and McLean, Alex Paquette and Karl Faucher have been charged twice since July (2018) and Arthur McLean was arrested twice in 75 days last year. 
According to the RCMP's online crime map, Gibbons has been fairly quiet in the past two weeks with only one break and enter and a couple of thefts. 

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