The cold weather hasn't stopped Ryan Thompson from helping out.
The Fort Saskatchewan resident spent around six hours on Saturday (Feb.2) using his snowblower to clear other people's driveways after the massive snowfall.
"I went out this weekend to kind of give some community snow assistance to people that really needed the help, seniors, people with disabilities, people that were sick that could not necessarily get out and do it by themselves and could use a helping hand," Thompson explained.
With the temperature for the day around -25 C, Thompson bundled up in his snowboard gear to begin the day of clearing. By the time he was finished, he had cleared 15 driveways.
As a former first responder, Thompson said he still has a strong need to help people. He was a paramedic for nine years and a firefighter for four, before leaving due to his Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Currently, he is part of the Workers Compensation Board while he recovers.
"I don't really have the means to do a lot in the community anymore," Thompson added. "I just felt like this was something I could do and I knew it could benefit people."
He did not ask for money, though many residents offered. All of the money he accepted, he plans to donate to the Fort Saskatchewan Food Bank.
Thompson added at the very least, he hopes his actions will inspire others to show acts of kindness to their neighbors.
Living in Fort Saskatchewan for nearly ten years, Thompson resides with his wife and his daughter, who is a student at Fort Elementary.

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