Pop has long been considered the go-to drink for the sake of having a drink, but what does it do to the body?
Doctors are saying to avoid it, but if you need to have some pop, make it a little.
"Researchers have found it leaches calcium out of your bones,causes joint inflammation, neurological problems, maybe metabolic problems leading to cancers," explained Karen Moniz, a family medicine educator at the University of Alberta.
In an average can of pop there is roughly 11 teaspoons of sugar.
Moniz recommended moderation, once or twice per week. Researchers have found though, that most people like pop for its fizzy and bubbly feeling.
"Sometimes you can trade the pop in for something like soda water, sparkling water, flavour it with berries, lemons, limes, cucumbers, things like that."
There are also machines on the market that will carbonate water for a made-at-home solution to the fizzy cravings.
For healthy people, doctors say the body can handle a little bit but ultimately, treat pop as a treat.

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