Members of the St. Jean Baptise Parish are rebuilding, and they've found a unique way to raise money.  

The church is selling bricks salvaged from the original build as keepsakes, complete with a letter of authenticity signed by the bishop and a photo of the historic building. 

Approximately 1,000 uncontaminated bricks were salvaged from the clean-up site after a devastating fire tore through the church in the early hours of Jun.30.  

"There was a lot of history there," said Gerry Gaetz, fundraising coordinator with the church. "I had a hard time driving down Main Street not seeing [the church]; you couldn't even look at the rubble sitting there." 

The church was built in 1907 and held its first mass on Jan.1, 1908. In the 1970s, the province recognised it as a historic site.

RCMP determined the church fire to be suspicious; however, the investigation remains ongoing as of Jan.14. 

Since the Brick by Brick, Dollar by Dollar fundraiser began in December, Gaetz said they'd sold about half of their salvaged inventory.  

"We said, if you donate a certain amount, you get a certain type of brick. So, there was four levels of donation from $25, $50, $75, to $100, and you got a brick, or a piece of a brick, or a chunk of a brick," he described. 

The funds raised from the brick sales will help cover costs that were not covered by insurance, such as the building's artwork.

Gaetz added people from all over the province have been asking for bricks, many of whom had relatives who helped build the original church. 

As for some of the other bricks recovered, Gaetz hopes to see them go towards a memorial for the structure.

The church is also hosting a fundraising event in May, which will feature a number of different performers, entertainers, and programs. Members from the Alexander First Nation will also partake in the event. 

Anyone interested in learning more about the Brick by Brick, Dollar by Dollar fundraiser can find more information on the church's website here