After 252 consecutive hours on the ice, the World's Longest Hockey Game wrapped up on Monday morning (Feb.15).
This new world record took place in Strathcona County on an acreage east of Sherwood Park.
Retired Fort Saskatchewan firefighter Mike Lowe was one of the 40 players.
"The world record is pretty cool I guess," laughed Lowe. "The record is secondary to what we were doing - raising money for cancer and trying to find a cure."
The goal was to bring in $1.5-million for cancer research, but by the end of the game, they had raised $1.84-million.
Lowe raised almost $70,000 himself.
"That's just a true test of what this community is all about. I couldn't be more thankful to everybody that supported myself and all the other players. This was not just the 40 players, it was an entire community event."
Nearly the entire event was under an extreme cold warning. The temperature dipped below -50 with the wind chill at times.
Pucks were so cold they would shatter and the heaters stopped working in the player's trailers.
"I think at one point I had eight layers on. When the wind picked up it would almost create a snow tornado on the ice and it would push you back when you were skating up the ice."
5,177 goals were scored, there were 572 volunteer shifts and the event ended with a huge firework display.