As we inch nearer to a provincial election in May, local MLAs are starting to declare their intentions. 

UCP member Dale Nally has been the MLA for the Morinville-St. Albert constituency since 2019 and he plans on sticking around. 

"My intention is to run for re-election," said Nally. "I have been acclaimed by the party to represent the riding of Morinville-St. Albert." 

"We have a fixed election date of May 29, and my intention is to submit my name for another term." 

It's been quite a hectic year with the UCP, with Danielle Smith taking over the premiership after Jason Kenny's resignation, and Albertans facing affordability issues due to high inflation. 

Nally says his focus will remain on tackling the issues that matter most to his constituents. 

"Most of us have never seen this type of economic collapse and global collapse of energy prices," said Nally. "We're focusing on the things that matter the most to Albertans: affordability, access to healthcare, jobs, and the economy." 

Nally captured just over 13,000 of the 26,000 votes cast in the 2019 provincial election, defeating NDP candidate Natalie Birnie. 

He was named Alberta's first-ever associate minister of natural gas shortly after being elected. 

The Alberta NDP has named Karen Shaw as their candidate for the constituency.