As of Jun. 15, five public parks in Strathcona County allow alcohol consumption. 

Specific picnic tables will be clearly identified and accompanied by signage as to where legal consumption is allowed. 

Permitted sites include:

  • Centennial Park picnic shelter and fire pits
  • Broadmoor Lake Parks’ north lake picnic area
  • Cloverbar Ranch Park picnic shelter
  • Josephburg picnic area (near pickleball courts) 
  • South Cooking Lake picnic shelter

The designated hours set out by Strathcona County are 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. for alcohol consumption -- parks close at 11 p.m.

Drinking in the locations mentioned above past 9 p.m. is strictly prohibited. 

“I think what would happen is that enforcement services would probably be called and just educate them on what time they are allowed to stay there for alcohol consumption,” said Amber Rudiak, the community liaison for outdoor services in Strathcona County.

Legal alcohol consumption in public parks began in Strathcona County in 2021. Rudiak says she is not aware of any negative incidents from last year or so far this year.

The end date for this year is October 11.