From left to right: Joyce Baker, Quinn Helus, Aaron Friesen and Sheldon Bossert. Photo by Tony Stacey

Your help is needed to make a Dream come true for a young man!

Aaron Friesen was born with spastic Bilateral Cerebral Palsy and has been in a wheelchair for all of his life.  That hasn't slowed Aaron down one bit and he has hopes to be a journalist in the future.

His other dream is more independence.

Driving would give him the ability to travel without the need of assistance but the price of a wheelchair accessible van is very expensive.  Aaron competed in a North American contest to win a van, which we featured in a story back in March.  Aaron made it into the semi-finals but was short on votes to move into the final round.

Aaron and his family haven't stopped working towards the goal of having a wheelchair accessible van and have been spreading the word on how people can help them. 

Fort Saskatchewan City Councillor Sheldon Bossert was on the morning show Thursday and talked about his connection with Aaron.


 There will be many fundraisers coming to help Aaron and the first is this Saturday in Two Hills but even if you can't go, you can donate online. 


Help make Aaron's Dream Come True and as Sheldon shared, imagine your life without the use of your legs.