A new Fort Saskatchewan walk-in clinic at the Westpark Shoppers is helping cut down wait times for people seeking healthcare. 

Yet, there is still some confusion about what constitutes a visit to the hospital as compared to a visit to the clinic. 

So, what can the pharmacist-led clinic do to help, and when would you have to go to a hospital instead?

Raj Bharadia, a pharmacist with the new clinic, says that there is no easy answer.

"Every patient case is so specific and different from each other," Bharadia said.

Bharadia also mentioned that the pharmacist team is always available to answer phones to help with any questions before stopping by.

"We will do our best with what we can assess, but we'll always make sure we send you where you need to go," Bharadia said. "Maybe we can save you from waiting twice."

Services that they do provide at the clinic include minor ailments and injuries, skin conditions, chronic disease management, point-of-care testing, travel health consults, medication management, vaccinations, women's health, and wellness services.

Pharmacists can also prescribe and refill medication.