Where does all your extra holiday waste go?
According to Fort Saskatchewan's waste program supervisor, Sadie Miller, there is always a huge spike in the amount of waste households produce during the holidays.
"It's very important to sort your waste properly over the holiday season because waste volume increases by at least 25 per cent at this time of year."
Large boxes can be folded up and placed under the blue recycling bags. City crews will collect them along with everything else.
Wrapping paper can be thrown into the recycling if there is no glitter or ribbons on it. Otherwise, it has to be tossed in the garbage.
Food waste, napkins and paper disposable products can all go into the green cart.
"Proper sorting can go a long way at this time of year," added Miller.
Christmas trees will be collected from the curb the weeks of Jan.13-17 and Jan.20-24.
The city's Waste Transfer Station is also open everyday except for New Year's Day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.