A local running group is trying to share its passion with the community.

The Fort Sask Runners evolved from the running clinics held at the Dow Centennial Centre (DCC). Members of the clinics formed a Facebook group together and then started connecting with other runners in the community.

During the pandemic, the group would often meet up and do social distance runs together. There is a core group that participates and organizes most of these, but they always welcomed other runners to join.

This spring, they are promoting running even more, with spring training starting Tuesday (Mar. 29) or Thursday at 6:15 p.m. It will be held weekly at the DCC track.

"That was set up so that we could reach out to any new runners, or even experienced runners in the Fort so that they know that there's an indoor track and that there's a whole community that can support them in their running journey," explained Cindy Phillips, a member of the Fort Sask Runners.

The idea is to not only introduce other runners to the group, but the Fort Sask Runners have many years of experience between all of them and can help newer runners learn how to get into the sport safely and in a way that is most enjoyable for them.

For example, Phillips mentioned they see a lot of new runners try to go for 5 km straight with no breaks, and they quickly lose their steam. She said not only is taking walking breaks an option, but it can also often help maintain speed in the long run.

Their "run coach", John McMillan, is also a certified fitness instructor who has coached about 1,700 runners over 20 years and is happy to share his knowledge with his fellow runners.

There is no cost to join the Fort Sask Runners, though the track drop-in fee at the DCC is $2.30.

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