The snow has arrived in Fort Saskatchewan, so what should residents expect from the city's snow removal plan? 

It doesn't appear that much has changed in this year's strategy for removing snow from roads in the city. 

The priority list details how fast residents can expect snow to be cleared off of certain roads: 

  • Priority #1: Highways will be cleared within six-to-eight hours after snowfall ends
  • Priority #2: Arterial roads will be cleared within 12-to-16 hours after snowfall ends 
  • Priority #3: Collector/main streets will be cleared within 30-to-40 hours after arterial roads are cleared 
  • Priority #4: Industrial/central business district is cleared after collector/main streets have been completed IF needed. 
  • Priority #5: Residential streets will be cleared when compacted snow is 75 millimetres thick. 
  • Priority #6: Lanes will be cleared as needed to maintain traffic and emergency vehicle movement. 

The city also says that residents have 48 hours to shovel snow off of residential sidewalks that are adjacent to their property, while businesses have 24 hours. 

Failure to remove snow could lead to a $100 fine.