It's been a tough few years for Canadians in terms of employment. 

The pandemic hit the market hard and caused many to either leave their jobs or go through layoffs. So, how did Fort Saskatchewan handle these tough last few years? 

Well, a quick look at some of the most recent Canadian censuses shows a few interesting statistics. 

In 2021, in the middle of the pandemic, Fort Saskatchewan had a total of 14,690 people in the labour force. Of those people, 1,575 were unemployed, which gave Fort Saskatchewan an unemployment rate of 10.7 per cent. 

Since this was done a few years ago, there isn't data to say that is still where the rate sits today. There are reasons to believe it has fallen. 

A labour force survey done in December showed Alberta's province-wide unemployment sitting at 5.8 per cent. 

The most popular occupation at the time was in the trades, with 3685 workers. Sales and service was a close second with 3170 while business, finance, and administrative jobs were in third place. 

A full set of statistics can be found here