Some more details have been released on how Fort Saskatchewan is going to use the results of the recent indoor recreation survey.

Residents are still receiving their access codes for the survey, which are being delivered through the mail. 

The survey asks how often you use Fort Saskatchewan's indoor recreational facilities, the reasons you participate in indoor recreation, and if you're satisfied with them.

"One of the reasons we want to have everyone participate, even if they're not regular users, is that if they aren't, we want to know why," said Brad Babiak, director of culture and recreation with the city. 

The survey only covers city-operated indoor recreational facilities. This does not include the curling rink and gymnastics center.

Some of the specific initiatives mentioned in the survey are the amenities of the Dow Centennial Centre, modernizing the JRC, and updating Harbour Pool.

"With the pool being 40 years old, is it still meeting the needs of the community?"

There's also a part of the survey where residents can put what upgrades and opportunities they'd like to see in the community.

The survey is part of a broader study that helps the city get a comprehensive look at city-operated recreation and determine where the facilities are in their life cycle.

The deadline for the survey is January 31.