The region has been hit with a few weeks of wildly unstable weather, so what's the deal? 

Late last week temperatures were in the -20 C range before warming all the way up to -2 C on the weekend, only to see harsh windchills return early this week which are expected to taper off by Wednesday (Dec. 7). 

Jesse Wagar with Environment Canada says this has to do with atmospheric winds. 

"It all depends on where the steering winds are for this weather system," said Wagar. "Sometimes it allows for very cold air from the arctic to move in and other times it allows for warmer air." 

"The overall steering pattern has been quite dynamic as of late, so we are seeing those large swings in temperature where we get that really cold air from the arctic." 

Once those winds blow that cold air into the community, the weather system doesn't allow them to stay for long. 

"We'll have a couple of days where it's really, really cold, and then those winds will push that system out of the way and bring a new one in." 

Wagar added that these types of dynamic weather systems are pretty standard for Alberta. 

Luckily, it seems like some semblance of stability is headed our way. 

"It does look like it should settle into a steadier temperature pattern after this weekend," said Wagar. "It gets a little warmer over the next couple of days, cool over the weekend, but after that, it does look like it steadies out a little bit between next week up until Christmas." 

Though it's trending to be steadier, Wagar says nothing is ever set in stone. 

"It's Alberta, these things can change quite quickly."