Election Day is Monday (May 29). 

Before voting, residents are advised to make sure they have everything they need once they arrive to vote.

Voters must provide their identity and current address. There are several ways to do this, including:

  • Provide one piece of government-issued photo ID that includes your full name, current address, and photo.
  • Provide two pieces of ID that contain your full name and current address.
  • Have another registered elector vouch for you.
  • Have a signatory complete an attestation form.

Government-issued ID includes a driver's license or identification card, while other forms of ID that can be used include personal cheques, mortgage statements, membership cards, or even utility bills.

There are over 50 pieces of ID that Elections Alberta accepts. You can read more about them here.

Those looking to vote without identification can be vouched for by another voter, as long as that voter has the appropriate identification and signs a declaration stating they personally know who they're vouching for.

As for voters who live on a First Nation or Metis Settlement, those who reside in student housing, or even those who are inmates, they can still vote through an attestation form.

This form serves as a piece of ID and involves printing and signing a form that can be used as ID at the voting place. You can read more about attestation forms here.