Now that the new and improved Highway 15 bridge is open for two-lane traffic, what do Fort Saskatchewanites think about it?

The new bridge has been under construction since 2019. Before the addition, the Highway 15 bridge was a two-lane bridge with one lane going each direction.

Many are happy with the new bridge, with local resident Chris Gratton believing that the new bridge will help emergency services the most.

"I worked with the RCMP for quite a few years, and just responding to different accidents and issues on that bridge over the years was bad in certain situations," Gratton said. "But now hopefully with traffic going both ways on different bridges, if there ever is an accident or something again, you can divert traffic and it'll be a lot better."

Other residents, such as Geoff Rezewski, believe that the bridge still has more to improve.

"One thing that I don't like is the corner where the merging lane is really short onto the highway. They should have extended that merge all the way to the downtown exit," Rezewski said. "That way cars could free flow and they'd have more time to go into the left-hand lane."

Despite his criticisms, Rezewski still enjoys the additions to the bridge.

"It was a long time coming. I remember taking my way to work when it was one lane each way. The main benefits will be in the wintertime when the bridge isn't closed down."

The Highway 15 bridge is the only way in Fort Saskatchewan to get across the North Saskatchewan River.

A walkway, under the bridge, is also planned for pedestrians.

The provincial government says the cost of the bridge and highway twinning is around $110 million.