With the new walk-in clinic opened in Fort Saskatchewan, many are wondering what kind of services they provide.

After opening up in early December, the new clinic has been dedicated to helping Fort Saskatchewan residents and taking some of the load off from nearby hospitals.

Raj Bharadia, a pharmacist at the clinic, says that the scope of practice for pharmacists hasn't changed.

"We're doing the same thing that we've been doing for many years. What we've done with this walk-in clinic is created more space and a better environment to perform these services."

Some of the services they offer include assessing and prescribing medicine for a wide range of minor ailments. This can include bladder infections, cold sores, and pink eye.

The clinic can also help with skin conditions, chronic disease management, vaccinations, medication management, women's health and minor injuries such as burns and cuts.

Bharadia says that one of the more popular requests is for travel health consults.

"We can sit down with you and do a full assessment of where you're travelling. We can prescribe and give you the proper vaccines, fill the medications for what you need, all kind of as a one-stop shop."

The clinic can also help with managing chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. They can fill prescriptions and inform your health provider to keep them in the loop.

"We're not replacing physicians in any way. We are a part of the care team with them."