After a rather cold end of the year, the forecast is finally warming up.

With temperatures just under the freezing point on New Year's Day, it's looking like the next few weeks will be just as mild.

"Generally, this time of year our overnight lows are about -18 C, and our daytime highs are around -7 C," said Brian Proctor, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "We're sort of floating right around that until we get into the weekend."

According to forecast data from Environment Canada, Saturday and next Monday are looking to reach into the positives at 1 C.

"We've pushed that cold air out that was plaguing us in December, and the warm air is trying to hang on as much as it can."

There doesn't appear to be any snow planned during the warm weather, which will be ending at around the halfway point of January.

"It looks to fall off towards the 15th and 16th onwards."

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