It's been a fast-paced few weeks for one Ukrainian family.

Dmytro Ilkov and Daria Babaieva arrived in early June via Poland; they had been living there previous to the war with their now eight-month-old daughter. After a brief layover in Toronto, they arrived in Fort Saskatchewan on June 8.

"[We came] because we found a great host family," Daria explained. "We were looking for a family in Edmonton, near cities, and we found our family here in the Fort." 

Paperwork has piled up since arriving, including opening bank accounts and all the necessary forms to fill out. Along with looking for full-time employment, Dmytro hopes to expand his photography business. Lately, he's approached local businesses to do 360-angle shots of their interiors to display on Google Maps. 

Check out some of his work, here

While arriving in their new home has been a hectic few weeks, Dmytro and Daria worry about their family back home. Their hometown of Dnipro has seen a number of bombings. 

Dymtro's brother, cousin, and uncle are all in the army fighting the war.
"Every time they said that everything is fine, everything is OK. But we know that sirens go off every hour," Daria continued. "Very strong people in Ukraine."