While Santa Claus has been very busy preparing for Christmas on Saturday (Dec.25), Omar Bakali Tahiri has been filling in for him in Fort Saskatchewan.

Bakali Tahiri owns Legacy Jewellers, and while they’re already well-known for their generosity and customer service, Bakali Tahiri and staff took it a step further this season.  

In the last few months, Legacy Jewellers has been involved in several community initiatives, from donating jewellery to save Max, the dog, to hosting and promoting a seven-year-olds campaign to raise funds for the Alberta Homeward Hound Rescue Foundation. They also recently gifted necklaces to breast cancer survivors. 

 “That was probably the best thing I have ever done,” said Bakali Tahiri. “A lot of people came to this; it was a really emotional day.” 

Bakali Tahiri lived in Fort McMurray for 17 years and has a background in engineering. When he opened his shop in Fort Sask, he was blown away by the support from the community and wanted to give back. 

“Like, day one we opened, we had so many people coming in and saying thank-you for opening. This doesn’t happen in any other community; for somebody opening a business to make a living and somebody comes in to just say thank-you, that really was something amazing.”  

Even more recently, he’s been raising funds in support of the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital Foundation and donated watches to every registered nurse working at the hospital. 

Not all of his good deeds have been large gestures; Bakali Tahiri told a story of a man looking to buy his wife a gift but was struggling financially and had a very tight budget. Legacy Jewellers helped the man get a gift he otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford. 

Bakali Tahiri hopes to help others who are financially struggling this season to buy a gift for their loved ones, adding he wants to be there to support people.  

“I did not open my business just to make a living, we are here to serve the community, and that’s what I believe in. Whatever I can do, whatever I’m capable of doing, I will do it, and I will continue supporting this beautiful community of Fort Saskatchewan.”