Back on October 27th Council was back in Chambers for their regular council meeting, many Fort residents attended with their water bills in hand along with many concerns. Trina Scott spearheaded asocial media group with upwards of 424 members who have had higher then normal water bills and they want the City to look into water anomalies. Scott was given 10 minutes to present to council only to have her portion closed under advisement. Residents that did show were given the opportunity to leave as two more presenters followed.

Council took a short break and Councillor Ed Sperling  put forward a motion to "direct administration to bring back a report on a possible options for an audit of the City of Fort Saskatchewan’s water utility billing process covering the period March 1, 2015 to September 30, 2015. This report would include the details of the areas covered by the audit, who we could engage for this audit, potential cost of this service and a source of funding". Sperling goes on to say " In some cases the circumstances are so extreme, to push people away and say everything is OK is not OK" Sperling said he feels it is supported by many councilors so he is confident that these issues surrounding the water bill will be resolved.

Sperlings motion will be discussed and debated at the November 10 council meeting. Everyone is welcome to attend, it will take place starting at 6:00 pm.