Is there anything better than waking up in January to positive temperatures? 

Well, savour the warm temperatures while you can, because things will come crashing back down to reality in short order. 

Highs for the week start at 2 C on Monday (Jan. 23) and will slowly climb up to 5 C on Thursday as a result of warmer than usual system rolling through the prairies. 

"We're having a warm push," said Janelle Gergely, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "There is a westerly flow in the upper levels coming off the Pacific and it's going to keep the temperatures warm up until Thursday." 

This is the most recent stretch of nice weather in an unusually warm January. 

"It's been a very mild January," said Gergely. " The 30-year-average for Edmonton and area is -7 C and through the month of January we have only seen two days below that average." 

From Thursday night on, that warm weather system will abandon the region. Temperatures on Friday are expected to plunge all the way down to -23 C. 

This dramatic swing in temperature is due to a movement of air masses. 

"Right now, that cold air is over the extreme north," said Gergely. "As that low-pressure system moves through on Thursday, we are seeing that movement of air masses and that is what is able to bring down those cold temperatures." 

Apart from dressing appropriately for when that cold weather hits the region, Gergely also warns of some hazardous conditions as well. 

"With these warm temperatures during the day and the negative temperatures at night, you get a lot of melts and refreeze, making really slippery conditions in the morning." 

"Both roads and sidewalks are going to be dangerous."  

Not only will it be cold at the end of the week, but also snowy. 

"It looks like it will initially be rain, but as the cold temperatures move in that will transition to snow." 

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