Bruderheim Councillor Wayne Olechow and Director of Community Relations Judy Koschade. Photo By Andrew Nakonechny

Can you imagine any Alberta Community without an indoor ice rink?

It's a thought that's too real in Bruderheim with the major need of a replacement to their current ice machine.

Bruderheim Town Councillor Wayne Olechow and Community Service Liaison officer, Judy Koschade, joined the morning show this week to talk about how you can help.

Judy explained what kind of loss it would be if the ice machine broke down for good.


There is a way to help!

Bruderheim is currently in a grant competition for the Aviva Community Grant.   

Website and Communications Specialist, Jill Yanch, also stopped by the morning show and told us how we can help and vote.


Voting deadline for the qualifying round in Monday November, 3rd.  The top 40 will move into the next round of voting.