Some neighbourhoods have cats and dogs running around; others have a gang of skunks.

Becky McCullough grew up on a farm in Ardrossan. Occasionally, she would see skunks around the farm, but they were never in a larger group together.

As such, it was a big surprise when she spotted four of the rodents together in her Sherwood Park neighbourhood in late November.

"They were in a driveway to a house, and they were along the garbage bins, and then ran across the garage to the other end of the house," she described. "I was just shocked... that was just quite a surprise."

McCullough said they get a lot of rabbits in their neighbourhood but never skunks. 

Given what skunks are capable of doing when threatened, McCullough kept her distance. However, she was able to take some photos and catch some of the animals on video.

"They're awfully cute. They are stinking cute, like really cute. If I didn't know better, I would want to probably try to pet them, but I certainly did not," McCullough laughed.

While it was neat to see the skunks, she added she was happy when they waddled off -- saying they were a bit too close to her own home for comfort.