A wide load is travelling through the region.

Yesterday (Apr. 27), a 103-metre-long and 5.73-metre-high load left the Scotford refinery and petrochemical area near Fort Saskatchewan. It left around 9 a.m. and should be arriving at its final destination in Edson on Tuesday (May 3) around 6 a.m.

The load is an electrical generator, is almost as long as a CFL football field and as tall as a traffic light pole. 

It will be travelling on the following route:

  • Highway 15 eastbound; Scotford to Chipman
  • Highway 834 southbound; Chipman to Tofield
  • Highway 14 westbound; Tofield to Highway 21
  • Highway 21 southbound; Highway 14 to Highway 625
  • Highway 625 westbound to Nisku/Queen Elizabeth II (QEII) Highway
  • Highway 19 westbound; QEII Highway to Highway 60 near Devon
  • Highway 60 southbound to Highway 39 near Calmar
  • Highway 39 westbound to Highway 20 just west of Warburg
  • Highway 20 southbound to Breton
  • Highway 616 westbound to Highway 22 south of Drayton Valley
  • Highway 22 northbound through Drayton Valley; Highway 621 westbound toward Cynthia
  • Highway 753 northbound to Highway 16 at Chip Lake; Highway 16 westbound to Edson
  • Highway 47 southbound to Cascade Power

The load will move with guide vehicles, below posted speed limits, using the entire width of the highway, including the shoulder. It will occasionally travel against the flow of traffic with lanes being blocked off accordingly.

Drivers travelling behind the load will experience delays.