Falling with style in High Heels. Photo By Fort Floors and Decors

There was fun, laughter, games and important information at Fort Floors and Decors Thursday for their 2nd annual Charity BBQ.

The amount raised hasn't been announced yet but from just the door prizes, closed to $800 was tallied.

Thank you for supporting the event and coming out because all the money raised went to support the Can-Lyme foundation.  One of the staff members from Fort Floors and Decors has Lyme disease, a disease that is in Alberta but not many people know about.

Shelley and Niki from Fort Floors and Decors were on the morning show this week to talk about it and how to prevent it. 

Shelley explains what is Lyme Disease.


Niki shared some simple ways you can prevent Lyme Disease.


You can learn more about Lyme Disease online at www.canlyme.com.

As part of the fun of the day, Niki and Shelley had me in Pink High Heels again!  If you don't remember what happened last year, you can find out here.

This year.....well.......the video will show it all.

Next year I'll get!