Keep an eye on your pets.
Fort Saskatchewan resident Mindy Lamont and her partner were in their Westpark home on Friday (Nov.13) when they saw a coyote in their yard. Lamont's partner attempted to scare it off by tapping on their window and, to both of their surprises, the animal leaped over their fence with ease to getaway.
"Somehow I knew in my mind that it was possible, but I never really believed it. I just couldn't believe it when I saw how easily it was done," said Lamont. "It is kind of insane."
The coyote came back the next day to eat the fruit on her crab apple tree and, this time, Lamont captured him on video and posted it to Facebook.
Some comments informed her that coyotes love apples, which is likely what brought the animal back two more times after the video was posted.
While some people also expressed concerns that the coyote may be accustomed to humans, Lamont was skeptical as it was very skittish when she or her partner made any noises. She did mention, however, that seeing it jump the fence so easily made her think about her cats and the small dog she used to own.
"If I had that little dog now, I sure would be a lot more worried," she stated. "I probably wouldn't want my small animal out without being supervised."
She also added she has seen a large number of posts about coyotes in Fort Saskatchewan lately. Last month, local resident Ian McTavish gave a warning to others in the community after his dog was attacked and killed.
Some tips to help prevent coyote attacks:
- Never feed coyotes or leave food available for them to eat.
- Remove low branches on trees that can provide hiding places for them or attract small animals.
- Install motion-activated lights in the yard.
- Keep cats indoors and don't let small dogs outside unsupervised.
- Clean up after pets.
- Use a durable wire mesh to close off spaces under decks, patios and outbuildings.
- Ensure fences are in good condition.
- Only take out the garbage on the morning of collection day.
The video of the incredible leap is below.