There's been a brief update on the loose moose that were in Fort Saskatchewan over the last few days.

Starting last weekend, residents reported moose wandering the Southpointe neighbourhood, lazing in backyards and walking on the street.

Many residents were concerned as the week began and the moose were still around, due to them standing in the vicinity of Southpointe School.

On Wednesday (Apr. 26) morning, Alberta Fish & Wildlife worked alongside the City of Fort Saskatchewan to assess the situation.

Luis Carlos, the communications advisor with the provincial government, says that one of the moose was immobilized and relocated to an area that's safe for residents and the animal. The exact location has not been revealed.

However, one moose is still loose in Fort Saskatchewan, with wildlife officers monitoring the situation.

Residents are asked if a moose is blocking a route they need, to try and find another way around or wait for the animal to leave.