Despite rather calm weather, conditions in the next week might make for some dangerous roads. 

Environment Canada says that temperatures will be warmer than average during the days, but below freezing during the nights, which will cause a treacherous 'freeze/thaw cycle'. 

"Even if we don't get any additional precipitation, the free/thaw cycles will melt snow and ice to create puddles of water on sidewalks and roads and then overnight that will freeze," said Sarah Hoffman, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. 

"I would encourage everyone to slow down and be aware that there could be patches of black ice on commutes or walks." 

Those patches of black ice could start to show up as early as Monday (Nov. 21) night and should be more prominent on Tuesday (Nov. 22) morning. 

The highs for this week currently hover from 1C to 8C during the day while the nighttime lows for the week are anywhere between 0C and -9C.