Alberta NDP leader, Rachel Notley, and local UCP MLA, Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk, commented on the availability of some healthcare services in Fort Saskatchewan. 

Last summer, the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital was forced to close down its obstetrics unit multiple times due to temporary staff shortages. This prevented parents from giving birth in the city, instead having to drive to St. Albert or Edmonton. 

Armstrong-Homeniuk says that she doesn't expect this to be a regular occurrence moving forward. 

"The obstetricians were away for varying reasons from vacation to personal time," said Armstrong-Homeniuk. "I do not anticipate this to be a regular occurrence, but in the event of, there are alternate options."

On the flip side, Notley says it's been a trend with the current government to see these types of problems. 

"My heart goes out to those families who are unable to go to sleep at night being sure that they are going to get the services that they need in their community," said Notley. "We have a government that seems to be doing everything it possibly can to drive frontline healthcare professionals out of the work that they do and, in some cases, right out of the province." 

The obstetrics unit at the Fort Saskatchewan Community Hospital was last closed in early September and reopened later that month. It hasn't been closed since. 

To keep up to date on the current status of services of the hospital you can visit their website here