Two of Fort Saskatchewan's finest hockey players share an interesting childhood history. 

At one point in time, both Olen Zellweger and Colton Dach were the same class together at Our Lady of Angels. 

The two NHL draft picks were taught by Nikki Brouwer at the time. She now teaches a grade two class at Holy Redeemer in Ardrossan. 

"I remember teaching them, I taught them grade six," said Brouwer. 

Their love of hockey was evident from a young age, but Brouwer says that didn't stop the pair from also being model students. 

"I would say they definitely had a love for hockey, I knew they were both hockey players, but they were also very good students too," said Brouwer. "I remember them actually both being good role models in the class."

"They were different personalities from each other, but both good leaders and were good friends with each other too." 

While hockey might be the most popular sport in the region, Brouwer never expected to teach two NHL draft picks and World Junior gold medalists in a single class. 

"Lots of hockey players definitely dream of getting to do that, but I never thought I'd get to teach them," said Brouwer. "It does not surprise me at all that it's Colton and Olen that are doing amazing in their hockey careers." 

Over the years, Brouwer has kept up with both Zellweger and Dach's careers. 

"I've heard things over the years and I knew they both doing really well," said Brouwer. "When I found out they were both on the World Junior team for Team Canada this year we watched some of it on TV." 

"It was exciting to look for their numbers and say 'hey! I used to teach them!' so that was awesome." 

The experience of teaching two successful professional athletes also serves as a reminder to the students she currently teaches. 

"I think it's such an inspiration to all the kids, especially in Fort Saskatchewan," said Brouwer. "They loved hockey and they kept at it and now look at where they are."