Staff at Sky Hy Pizza & Donair got quite the surprise earlier this week. 

Two longtime customers, Chris Guy and Clayton Harrison, showed off their brand-new tattoos to show off their love for the pizza joint. 

Guy's tattoo says 'Sky Hy till I die' while Harrison's has a skull saying 'SkyHy 4 life'. 

Guy says the idea to get the tattoos came out of the blue. 

"Me and Clayton were talking, we do enjoy our donairs and have been friends for 20 years," said Chris. "We figured we'd get something together and we decided to get [the tattoos]." 

The pair have been eating at Sky Hy since they opened up in Fort Saskatchewan back in 2015. 

"Sky Hy is the only place to go," said Chris. 

Sky Hy owner, Al Halabi, couldn't believe it when he saw the tattoos. 

"I've known Chris and Clayton for a long time...they became like brothers with me," said Halabi. "I was speechless, I didn't know what to tell them, I was so happy!" 

"They've been telling me the last two months that they had a surprise, and I was not expecting that. I was in shock when they showed me the pictures." 

Safe to say that Guy and Harrison know a thing or two about SkyHy's menu, Guy even gave out his go-to order. 

"A regular or jumbo donair with onions and tomatoes with sweet sauce."