If you plan on taking a trip out of the country, you may feel it in your wallet.

Starting next Wednesday (Mar. 8), Telus will charge users $16 per day for roaming internationally, up from its previous cost of $15 per day.

In the United States, roaming rates are slightly cheaper for Telus, with an increase from $12 to $14 a day.

Bell is also planning to raise its roaming rates, with U.S. rates going from $12 to $13, and the international rate going from $15 to $16.

If you use either Telus or Bell and want to visit another country for two weeks, it could cost you well over $200 in data roaming costs alone.  

Canada is already known for its high phone costs. Rewheel, a research firm based in Finland, published a report showing that Canadians pay seven times more per gigabit of data than Australia, and 1,000 times more than Finland.

The third biggest telecom company in Canada, Rogers, has made no indication of raising their roaming rates, which currently cost $12 a day in the U.S. and $15 around the world.