City of Fort Saskatchewan Council is moving ahead with a Transit Task Force to provide recommendations on service levels and implementation plans for the local and commuter transit system.
Frank Garritsen is one of three Councillors on the Transit Task Force and says he's really excited to part of this project, as when it comes to reducing poverty, transportation is a huge component.  Garritsen continues "It's crucial the City of Fort Saskatchewan have a proper transportation plan for transit that's accessible and user friendly with stops in places people want to go."  "City Transit has been approved through budget, so now Council is moving forward, the City will be buying buses and we're going to ensure these buses are more user friendly than the pilot project buses."  Garritsen gives the example of a mother with her stroller can't utilize the pilot project buses, so theres a lot of improvements to be made. 

City of Fort Saskatchewan Council gave the go ahead tonight for a detailed design of intersection improvements at 119th Street and Highway 15.  Councillor Frank Garritsen says the project is a step forward and maybe spur investment in the Josephburg Road North industrial area.  "It was something that was always in the transportation plan.  "It's levy funded so when a developer that comes in, theres levy money paid by the developer to ensure roads, lights, infrastructure upgrades that are required for their development are paid by the developer."  2-hundred-and-50-thousand-dollars has been allotted for the design which includes a 4-way signals including turning bays.

Council also agreed to participate in a grant application to replace Bruderheim Arena's ice plant.