A perfect new year's resolution has arrived for Strathcona County residents. 

The county was recently selected to host L'Ètape, a cycling event hosted by the Tour de France. 

The event is meant to help bring the experience of the Tour de France to everyday people. 

Michael Brown, the CEO of MB events, helped bring the event to the area. 

"Me and you can't ride in the Tour de France because we are not professional cyclists," said Brown, "We can ride in this event because we bring in the actual finish line of the Tour de France, the actual signage, we bring in all the fanfare, so you actually get to feel like you were riding in a stage of the Tour de France." 

Much like the actual Tour de France, L'Ètape is also a world-renowned cycling occasion, with versions of it being held in places such as Mexico, France, England, Slovenia, and China. 

"Strathcona County is going to stand alongside all those other global cities," said Brown. 

The race is open to ages 11 and up regardless of fitness level or cycling experience.

Those who want an authentic Tour de France experience will be able to participate in a 140 kilometres path, but there will also be more casual options. 

"The middle [ride] is about 80 kilometres is for people that are getting into cycling, we have a 40 kilometres ride, and then we also have a family ride that is only 15 kilometres," said Brown. "There is no time limit; you can ride any bike you want." 

"If you own a bike and you live in Strathcona County, we have an event you can participate in at L'Ètape Canada." 

For those who aren't interested in participating in the cycling, there is also plenty to do as a spectator. 

"We do a whole athlete's village, and so we bring in creperies, Belgium waffles, and really make it feel like a festival of cycling with that French flair," said Brown. "There is a Tour de France Museum where we have old bikes, water bottles, and it's really a showcase of the evolution of the Tour de France." 

The event will be held on August 13 and people who are interested in joining can register here