With Halloween approaching fast, you'll want to check out these houses that embody the Halloween spirit perfectly.
It was tough to make this list because of how many well-decorated houses there are in Fort Saskatchewan, but these either have major spook-factor or are just really committed to their craft.
These are three Halloween houses you need to see:
"Howlleen Manor" 8413 99 Ave, Fort Saskatchewan
Unfortunately, this fan-favorite along 99 Ave could not host one of the scariest haunted houses in the Heartland this year due to the pandemic, but they still went all-out! In fact, I'm pretty sure they even put in that fence just for this occasion. They also have a countdown until Halloween in the window and skeleton dogs attacking a skeleton man on the lawn. This was an easy pick.
real... those witches are seriously creepy.
{gallery}Inflatables 2020{/gallery}
Hopefully, you stop by these houses and fully experience the Halloween spirit, if you do, tell them MIX 107 sent you! 
I'm sure we missed a few other great houses, so you can share your favourites with us in the comments on our Facebook post.
- Dean