Finally! Bryan Adams is returning to Edmonton!

The So Happy It Hurts Tour hits Rogers Place on Nov. 6, and tickets are available now! Click here to grab some.

You can also WIN your way in with JP on The MIX Morning Grind. Be listening at 8:10 a.m. on Tuesday (Jun. 28) and Thursday (Jun. 30) for the cue to call. JP will then ask you 4 Canada trivia questions. If you get them all correct, he'll ask you one last trivia question about Bryan Adams; get it right, and you're going to the show!

Just to help you out a bit... here are the answers to those final questions!

Tuesday, June 28 - In which Canadian Province was Bryan Adams born? Answer: Ontario

Thursday, June 30 - What is Bryan Adam's middle name? Answer: Guy

Good luck!