August will be packed with sights to see in the sky.

Aug. 12 - Supermoon or August full moon

This will be a full moon that occurs when the moon is at the closest point in its orbit to the earth. 

“We don’t have that every month,” explained Frank Florian the senior manager of planetarium and space sciences at TELUS World of Science in Edmonton.

Aug. 13 - Perseids Meteor Shower 

Due to the bright full moon hanging in the sky the evening before it may be difficult to have a full view of the meteor shower. The brightest meteors will be the most visible. 

“It occurs every summer and it is one of the summer's best meteor showers.”

Aug. 14 - Saturn is closest to earth in 2022

Saturn will be in its opposition point -- it will rise at sunset and set at sunrise. 

“For those of you with telescopes, it will provide some of its best views.”

The observatory at the TELUS World of Science will be open on clear Friday and Saturday nights to view the rings of Saturn in August. 

Aug. 19 - The moon and mars move very close together

In the early morning sky, mars will be visible to the south of the moon.

“It always makes for a nice kind of view when you have the moon and a planet in the same kind of area of the sky.”

According to Florian, summer is also the best time to go spot satellites in the sky.