The province has provided more details in the wake of a recent announcement.

Starting Friday (Dec.17), Albertans can pick up a free BTNX rapid test kit from 700 pharmacies in Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer, as well as 140 Alberta Health Services sites in other communities. 

Each rapid test kit contains five rapid tests. The province recommends using two tests each week, 72 hours apart, for maximum benefit. The tests are intended for at-home personal use for screening in asymptomatic people. Anyone who screens positive on a rapid test, or has COVID-19 symptoms, should book a PCR test through Alberta Health Services to confirm and must isolate for 10 days. 

The kits will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there is a limit of one box of tests within a 14-day period per person. People will be allowed to pick up one additional package for someone who cannot pick one up themselves, provided they have that individual's healthcare number. 

The rapid test kits provided for free through Alberta's rapid testing programs cannot be used for the Restrictions Exemption Program (REP), which requires privately paid test results. 

Additionally, the rapid test kits cannot be used for travel. They do not include appropriate documentation, so Albertans should not attempt to use them for domestic or international travel needs. 

Here is a list of where you can pick up rapid test kits in the area: 

  • Lamont Health Care Centre 
  • Gibbons Health Unit 
  • Thorhild Community Health Services 

A list of participating pharmacies in Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer will be available on Friday. 

More information on rapid test kits can be found at