There are tons of historical sites throughout Fort Saskatchewan. From the old courthouse to the CN Station, this city's history is sprinkled all throughout downtown.

Did you know that there are a few houses in downtown Fort Saskatchewan with some hints of local history?

Here are just a few of these houses, along with what made them so memorable.

1. Masonic Lodge 

The Masonic Lodge.

This peculiar-looking brick building is located on 101 Street just across from Legacy Park. What now stands as a therapy clinic was once the home of the Victoria Lodge Masons, who had their first meeting in the home in 1903.

2. Carscadden Farm 

Carscadden Farm.

Located at the 99 Avenue intersection in Pineview, this was once a 300-acre farm built in the 1920s. Thomas J. and Harriet Carscadden are the namesakes of Carscadden Park (RCMP Park), located just down the road from the old farm.

3. Business School

Fort Saskatchewan Business School

This 96 Avenue home was once known as the Fort Saskatchewan Business School. It was built around 1907 and now serves as a private residence.

4. Manse

The Manse.

This home was built by the Dubus family around 1916. This brick house on 108 Street also once served as the home of the United Church minister.

5. Nursing Home

Nursing Home.

This house, located on 107 Street, had once been used as a Nursing Home operated by Katherine Hennig between 1934 and 1936. The home was built in 1907.

6. Old Mayors House

Old Mayors House.

This home, built in 1910 on 106 Street, was once the home of E. Lowe, who served as mayor from 1950 to 1960. He had left the property in 1962.

7. Fire Hall

The Old Fire Hall.

This building was constructed in 1906 at the cost of $6,000 (about $200,000 today) and was home to the Fire Hall, two gaol cells, and even Council Chambers. The building was replaced as a fire hall in 1958.