Albertans could see some relief at the pumps come Friday (Apr.1) once the provincial gas tax is scrapped. 

Premier Jason Kenney announced the move earlier this month in response to rising gas prices. According to, the gas prices in Fort Saskatchewan are currently hovering at around $1.65 per litre. 

Once the tax is removed, it will drop fuel prices by 13 cents. 

Also, on Friday, the federal carbon tax will increase to $50 per tonne, which will add about two cents to the price of gas. 

"There's been discussion about how to alleviate some of the impact from high prices on motorists, but there was a set increase coming on April 1st on the carbon tax," said Patrick De Haan from 

Additionally, rapidly changing oil prices could cause a dip in prices. De Haan explained the market volatility has been "through the roof" as the market responds to headlines from Russia and Ukraine and a rise in COVID-19 cases in China. 

"There's been a lot of conflicting stories about relief – it's kind of a dizzying time to be a motorist with oil prices going up and down significantly in a single day's time." 

Although crude oil prices are down, it is still up 40 per cent compared to last year.