A random sample of grazing leaseholders were selected earlier this year to take part in a grazing lease cost survey.

The survey was mailed out to that group, but AGLA hasn't seen a very strong response.

Grazing operators are being encouraged to fill out the form and return it as soon as possible.

All of the information included in the survey is being kept strictly confidential.

The cost survey is an industry priority to accurately track the costs of managing a grazing lease in Alberta. 

In 2015, the beef grazing industry groups lobbied the government to change the grazing lease rental rate formula so that it would truly reflect the costs of operating a grazing lease. 

Operating costs have changed substantially over the years, and new information is needed to ensure leaseholder costs are properly represent a producers true cost of doing business.

AGLA's efforts to work with AEP on a rental rate formula based on industry costs will be futile if not enough grazing leaseholders complete and return the survey.