After one of the coldest starts to November in decades, the weather looks like it's making up for the cold snap.

According to the forecast, Thursday (Nov. 24) is expected to reach a high of 9 C in the daytime. This is following a week of days with highs between 1 C and 5 C. 

Jesse Wagar, a meteorologist with Environment Canada, says that it's unusual to see temperatures this high so late in the month.

"It's significantly warmer than normal," Wager said. "Our normal around this time is below zero, around minus 3 C." 

Although warm weather is always welcome, the jump between warm air and subzero temperatures can lead to the formation of black ice.

"It depends on the rate of cooling, so if the temperatures for the first couple of days can very slowly make their way below zero, then it shouldn't be too bad of a problem."

Fortunately, temperatures are expected to slowly drop back down to subzero temperatures.

"Right now, it's looking like it will be okay, overnight lows are still below zero," Wagar said. "It's not like we have this consistent above-zero temperature where we get a lot of melting. At least it's refreezing overnight so when the cold air comes down, it's already frozen."