It's looking like we will be ringing in the New Year on the right foot. 

After weeks of sporadic weather that has seen temperatures dip as low as -45 C, it appears we are in for a stretch of tolerable weather to start off the New Year. 

Eric Van Lochem with Environment Canada says things will be a bit chilly to start. 

"Starting off on Saturday you're probably looking at a morning low around -15 C to -20 C or so," said Van Lochem. "Warming up to around -5 C to -10 C by afternoon and then we start a general warming trend going into Sunday." 

As for the weather conditions, light winds and the sky will clear up as the day goes on. 

That's good news for people looking to be out and about celebrating New Year's Eve. That ideal weather will continue into New Year's Day with mostly sunny skies. 

"Lows probably on Sunday morning around -5 C or so," said Van Lochem. "Later, on Sunday afternoon, highs are probably approaching 0 C, we'll see if we fall on the plus side of things." 

With Monday being a holiday for some, things won't be as warm. 

"Things will get a bit colder, with high temperatures falling close to the -10 mark," said Van Lochem. "It does look sunny with light winds and no precipitation to speak of." 

As it compares to this time last year, Van Lochem remembers things being a bit colder than usual. 

"If I recall correctly, last year was quite cold," said Van Lochem. "We were in the middle of, I think, a record cold spell towards the end of December." 

"[This year's weather] is fairly benign in comparison to that." 

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